Alyssa vs. Life - September 21, 2014 

You don’t who you’re hurting when you display your own emotions.

Alyssa vs. Life: Week of 9/14/14


Yes, Stev has boobs … get over it. I bet they even make her look cute and attractive. However that does not give anybody permission to harass her. With this said, it is the not entirely the fault of the individual for doing this. We need to change society.

That society has sexualized this body part for whatever reason. To the point that when women use their breast for their actual given reason, they are harassed. This is the reason why four years ago a woman was kicked off a bus for breast feeding her baby. This is the reason why the woman was kicked out of Victoria’s Secret earlier this year for breast feeding her baby. Meanwhile there are large pictures of mostly naked women plastered all over the walls. Heaven forbid we use our boobs for what nature made them for. This is a symptom of a larger problem of over sexualizing women. Sex sells everything from cat food to underwear. Why is a half naked women selling fabric softener??? And notice about 95% of the time it is a half naked woman being objectified to sell you that watch instead of a half named man.

We need to stop treating women as sexual objects. We need to teach boys to grow up. There are too many “guys” and not enough “men”. We need to treat women as equals and stop objectifying them. Furthermore, we also need to stop sending a mixed message to girls. Every part of a woman’s body has to be covered or else she is a slut. If she covers part of her body she is a prude.

I actually try to be very aware of this male gaze problem. The other day I was at work, walking door to door as canvasser for a nonprofit. I saw this attractive young girl walking her dogs. I noticed that she had sizable breasts and immediately felt guilty. This girl was not here for me to ogle her. She was walking her dog. She was also probably way to young for me. She was not a sex object, she was probably somebody’s daughter or sister. To heck with that, she is not somebody’s daughter, she was her own person that demanded her own respect. I then remembered something a friend told me about their religion, saying anything more than a fleeting glance was immoral. That seemed fair. I can be attracted to women. It is not wrong for me to recognize when a woman is beautiful. It is the next second that matters. Keeping it nothing more than a quick glance and then after that you have to treat them like a normal human being like everybody else.

Is this too hard to figure out? We do not need to cover women head to toe to shame them. We do not need to treat them like posession or objects. We do not choose our bodies. We cannot judge people by their age, color, gender, height, weight or whatever. Telling you that I am a 37 year old white male that is 6’1” and around 205 lbs with red hair and green eyes does not tell about the person I am on the inside. It does not tell you my hopes or dreams. It does not tell you anything about my politics or spiritual beliefs. It tells you nothing beyond having the unfortunate benefit of having white male privilege (which I do not even want). However on the other hand, even that does not even tell you my troubles growing up with my single mother in poverty.

People are people, no matter what size their chest is.


My belly doodle

I drew a random ginger anime girl for you guys. Hope you like :3


Romans 12:12 ~ Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.